The Cure is Us

About The Cure Is Us

“The Cure Is Us” is a next-generation band that captures and renews the broody and melodic alt-rock music of… well: The Cure, The Killers, New Order, The 1975, Snow Patrol etc. Why the name? No, not because we are a cover band (it’s been misunderstood), but to convey the idea that “The Cure” has become a generation, actually two generations of musicians inspired by the unique sound of Faith, Cold, Disintegration, etc.

“The Cure Is Us” is in itself a great name: whatever the ailment, we have to find the cure and be the cure, as in the 1995 coming-of-age movie also called “The Cure.”

Our second album “Underneath the Waves” featuring “Just One Kiss 2018” as well as the singles “Lift” and “Run and Hide” was released in January 2018 with excellent reviews.

Our third studio album features 12 tracks including two amazing and unlikely cover songs: Cold (The Cure) and Aikea-Guinea (Cocteau Twins).

Our fourth studio album, entitled “Goodbye.” will be released in December 2019 or January 2020.

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