The Cure Is Us is a California-based next-generation band that captures and renews the broody and melodic alt-rock music of The Cure, The Killers, New Order, The 1975, etc.

The Cure Is Us is not a cover or tribute band, but there is a musical between The Cure Is Us and the UK band The Cure. If there is something that the Cure’s co-founder Laurence ‘Lol’ Tolhurst made beautifully clear in his amazing memoir, it is that The Cure has become a galaxy of people and even generations, the undeniable core being the music, vocals, and lyrics of Robert Smith. (That galaxy includes Lol Tolhurst himself but also all past members of the band; many people would also the hundreds of bands influenced by The Cure including The Killers and The 1975).

The Cure Is Us is a band or rather a project that embodies this legacy of perpetuating the melodic, often tragic and often mystical alt-rock music expressed by Robert Smith & Co for the past 30+ years.

‘Around My Head’ has been remarkably well received in terms of Internet plays, video streams, comments, etc. It is anchored in the 1981-1990 era of The Cure, so it was fitting that it would open (in most releases) with a cover of The Cure Lament.

‘Underneath The Waves’ was the second studio album released in early 2018, followed by ‘Never Grow Cold’ which has a release date of January 6, 2019.

Having achieved a global following of tens of thousands across major streaming platforms, The Cure Is Us is considering announcing live dates for 2019.