If there is something that the Cure’s co-founder Laurence ‘Lol’ Tolhurst made beautifully clear in his amazing memoir, it is that The Cure has become a galaxy of people and even generations, the undeniable core being the music, vocals and lyrics of Robert Smith. (That galaxy includes Lol Tolhurst himself but also all past members of the band; many people would also the hundreds of bands influenced by The Cure including The Killers and The 1975).

But there are those who began listening to The Cure in the late 1970s, some during the 80s (notably Head on the Door era), many during the epic 90s (especially in the US) and even now there is a new generation of fans.

The Cure Is Us is a band or rather a project that embodies this legacy of perpetuating The Cure’s more-than-music experience in 2017 and beyond. It is a release of brand new and very old songs from various sources, re-recorded, re-mastered and re-released in 2017.

‘Around My Head’ has been remarkably well received in terms of Internet plays, video streams, comments, etc. It is anchored in the 1981-1990 era of The Cure, so it was fitting that it would open (in most releases) with a cover of The Cure Lament.

Contact us if you would like to contribute and send us your own material for future albums.

To be clear: we are not a cover band or trying to be The Cure. Rather, we know that many musicians have been so influenced by The Cure that their music is going to sound like The Cure in some way, because their genes have been imprinted, sometimes from the womb, with the music and lyrics of Robert Smith and co.

“The Cure Is Us” is a collaborative efforts by musicians who have been creating music inspired by the legendary band The Cure for many years. Some of the songs featured here were composed or recorded 20 or even 30 years ago! Some a few weeks ago… Anyone interested is invited to contact us to share original music that may be used for the next release or compilation. A suitable new vocalist is wanted for the next release if/when there is one as our generous vocal contributors are or have moved on!