The Cure 40th Anniversary Concert July 2018

The Cure 40th Anniversary Concert July 2018

It is rather extraordinary to think that 10 years after the release of that rather disappointing 2008 album, The Cure has yet to announce the release of what must be an extraordinary production, and will only perform once in Europe for the entire year. However, we have to be positive: it is great that The Cure wanted to mark their 40th anniversary with this special concert in Hyde Park, London. The presence of guest bands such as Interpol was welcome, although one wonders if Interpol really is a band that your fans listen to or identify with… Perhaps the expectation was that something wonderful would happen, such as all previous Cure members showing up for the occasion… At any rate, here is the set for the concert:

Pictures of You
A Night Like This
The Walk
The End of the World
In Between Days
Just Like Heaven
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Play Video
Play for Today
A Forest
Shake Dog Shake
Fascination Street
Never Enough
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

The Caterpillar
Friday I’m in Love
Close to Me
Why Can’t I Be You?
Boys Don’t Cry
Jumping Someone Else’s Train
Grinding Halt
10:15 Saturday Night
Killing an Arab

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