The Cure Cold 2019 (Cover)

The Cure Cold 2019 (Cover)

Cold is often cited as one of the most dramatic tracks ever produced by The Cure, not surprisingly during the darkest hour of the Pornography album (1981). Cold has tremendous drum sound cited by Laurence Tolhurst as the towering achievement of his work as a drummer. It also has an incredible deep cello opening sound which it would be hopeless to reproduce.

In this cover song, we are focused on what could have been there as opposed to trying to improve on what was there and absolutely perfect. For instance, there is no major bass line in the original and we opted to use choir on top of the classic synth pad sound.

For those who don’t know, the lyrics are:

Scarred, your back was turned, curled like an embryo
Take another face, you will be kissed again
I was cold as l mouthed the words and crawled across the mirror
And wait, await the next breath, your name like ice into my heart

A shallow grave, a monument to the ruined age
Ice in my eyes and eyes like ice don’t move
Screaming at the moon, another past time
Your name like ice into my heart

Everything as cold as life (can no one save you?)
Everything as cold as silence (and you will never say a word)

(Your name like ice into my heart)
(Your name like ice into my heart)

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