The Cure Voted to Rock Hall of Fame 2018

The Cure Voted to Rock Hall of Fame 2018

It was about time, but patience and tremendous fan support and loyalty has finally paid off. The Cure has finally been voted into the Rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame.

Fan support (although “fan” is such an inadequate term to describe those who listen to The Cure) has been amazing and steady considering that the band’s last release was 10 years ago, in 2008.

Actual induction into the Hall of Fame takes place the following year, and it was confirmed that The Cure would be releasing a new album in 2019.

Here at The Cure Is Us, we are incredibly  excited about this news which hopefully will generate a new wave of discovery for a new generation. As previously announced, The Cure Is Us’ new album ‘Never Grow Cold’ has an official release date of January 6, 2019 and a pre-release date of December 17, 2018.

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